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I'm back

2009-07-25 14:48:17 by WESSDOGGIE

..... and I will upload some new song soon!!!

stay tuned !


I'm on a (no pc) vacation!!!

2009-07-09 14:03:05 by WESSDOGGIE

I'm in France/Italy... having a pizza
I'll be back the 28th of july

bye guys!!


IM NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-06-25 04:59:51 by WESSDOGGIE

Just to let u know I'M NOT DEAD!
I just found another site where I upload my stuff and get some more feedback...

But anywayz

I just uploaded a new Techno Song called 'March of Techno'
I'm learning with Automation Clips in FL Studio It 's soo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDD

That 'other site' I was talking about is
You should check out my stuff over there because I got a lil' different stuff up there than on NG

My account: id=265632

- wezzdawg or WESSDOGGIE

Upload or not??

2009-06-14 02:55:50 by WESSDOGGIE

Hey Guys,


I made some nice tunes with FL Studio but almost all of them are VERY short..
I guess when I'll try to make a whole song out of it, most of them will suck.
So what should I do??

-Don't Upload anything.
-Make them longer and then upload them
-Upload the loops as they are right now.. (short 'n cool)




2009-05-30 05:04:47 by WESSDOGGIE

There is some guy on NG calling himself Rav3X.
He uploaded the popular techno song 'Odysee'

So it's stolen!
I don't know what to think of this because:
You may not submit any stolen songs to the audio portal
But thanks to him I now have a high quality download of the song.
But I stil think Rav3x is an asshole (or something like that)

-WESSDOGGIE <<Creates his OWN music ;)
Rav3x - Odysee (stolen) : /67767

Hey everybody!
I Finally submitted 2 new 'songs' to newgrounds and in the next few days where will be at least one more!

For those who wanna know: I'm just a 13 year old noob from holland
This is me:
(by the way: 'ikkuhhh' means 'me' in a weird kinda way in dutch )

Finally new music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thing Thing

2009-04-01 13:34:27 by WESSDOGGIE

I can't play thing thing arena anymore WHAT THA HELL!?!?!???

WHAT HAPPENED 2 NEWGROUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

April 1st Right....


2009-02-18 07:32:43 by WESSDOGGIE

My work on the audio portal!!!!

It's not the best I can do but there will be more: I'm workin' on a Worms Instrumental and a DNB song
It'll be on there soon ;)


- Don't you love Pico??? *LOL*



2009-02-03 10:00:28 by WESSDOGGIE

Hi Newgrounds, I'm about to submit audio to newgrounds but i don't understand: It needs to be approved first. Does this happen automaticly? cuz there not on the audio portal yet